New York City: Four Year Old Sued…

If you have a child that rides a bike on the sidewalk you need to read this.

A four-year old and his family are being sued in New York City.

Synopsis: The child was riding his bicycle on the side-walk and accidentally hit an elderly woman with a “walker”. She fell and broke her hip had to be hospitalized and died shortly thereafter.” Now the family may be trying to recoup some of the medical costs of this accident and this may be the way to do that…somewhat understandable given medical costs these days. But, seriously!

As parents we need to teach our children to respect others. Our expectations of our children of course need to be age appropriate.

Can a four-year old be sued for running into an elderly person on the street? Apparently, the answer is YES.

What are the huge ramifications of a story like this one in New York City? It would be impossible to write about all of them in this blog.

But suffice to say, that as a parent or even nanny you need to be aware of your responsibility to keep your child safe and those around you and your child safe from harm.

My guess is that means, you need to be a “helicopter parent” of sorts. Try to stay off your cell phone and away from other distractions, such as engaging in conversations with other parents. Now if you have more than one child to watch you are in a REAL bind here.

Parents, you may want to check the laws in your city and community and see if your child in fact is legally responsible for any “accidental” harm he may cause to anyone else.

Then, you have some other choices…work to change the “law” or move to another more child friendly community. When you find one let us all know.


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