Children’s Art…the dilemma.

Kids Art….



“WHY hang children’s art on the refrigerator door? Because it’s there. And as an exhibition venue, it’s better than nothing.”

A coffee-table book from by Arlene Kriv’s son, Eli Jort. More Photos »

“Art is made to be seen,” said David Burton, a professor of art education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. “It’s sort of like food: why would you go through the trouble of cooking a whole meal and then not eat it?”

via Ideas for Displaying Children’s Art –

This was always a dilemma for me when I had more children’s art in my kitchen than I knew what to do with.

Digital photography has changed many things and saving children’s art can now be done with the click of your camera.

But is that enough???

Probably not….

I am rethinking the refrigerator art now that I have a grandchild.

We view things differently as grandparents…I am not exactly sure why that it…but it sure is wonderful.

So bring on the art projects…


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