Moms are getting the message….

Messages for Moms….

We’re used to hearing about public initiatives that get mired in politics or entangled in bureaucracy, but we rarely hear about programs that exceed expectations. So here’s one: last week marked the one-year anniversary of a program called text4baby, a service that sends free text messages to women who are pregnant or whose babies are less than a year old, providing them with information, and reminders, to improve their health and the health of their babies.

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Here is a fairly new service for mothers-to-be and  moms with babies under one year old. It is so important to try to reach as many women as possible with valuable healthcare information. Many families still do not have access to the internet and thus this text messaging service is the next best thing.

Hopefully social workers and nurses who work with families are aware of this service and recommend it to their clients.

Now we will have to work on services for those who do not have text messaging available to them.

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