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I am traveling this week…West Coast …LA…. East Coast…Boston/RI…Midwest…Chicago….

Apropos that I would receive this March of Dimes update for the mom that travels.

Passing it on to the moms and dads.

“Way up in the sky mom…

Many working moms have to travel for their careers.  I traveled when my children were babies and still travel now that they’re school-aged.  I want to share my six tips for traveling working moms and pregnant moms-to-be too:

1.    Pack less: Don’t physically exhaust yourself from carrying heavy bags; especially if you’re a breastfeeding mom, traveling with baby.  I remember traveling with my daughter when she was a baby. With baby on board in one arm, I also toted my breast pump bag with the milk containers inside and placed my diapering essentials in my laptop bag.

2.    Check Baggage: Make it easier for yourself and check your non-essential baggage through the airline.  If I do this, I pack an extra set of clothing and my toiletries inside the carry on.  You also could pack a scarf in your carry on that will work for business attire and matches your extra clothing set.  If your checked baggage does not arrive you will be ok.

3.    Mom, use the crayons: A fun activity for you mom is to write your child a note with their favorite color crayons.  Then, have your caregiver in charge (a partner, grandma or your daycare provider) read and show it to them while you’re away.

4.    Connect with a click.  The caregiver in charge can introduce technology by sending you photos of your kids or scanning a drawing they created.  You also can use Webcams, Skype, email or “old-fashioned” voice mail to stay connected.

5.    Keep family schedules on track.  One lesson I learned is that life does not stop when mom is on business travel.  No matter what work commitments I have I keep my family rolling with their schedules.

6.    Say no to guilt.  One of the toughest things for mom is to get rid of that guilt.  Minimize negative thoughts and highlight positives. My kids’ favorite thing is pre-taped recorded bedtime stories.  The beauty in this is they can listen to my voice telling the story over and over.

What is one favorite tip you have for traveling working moms?

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