Why Car Seats Expire: Keep your child safe…

“With the right combo, you can realistically only buy two to three seats, for your child’s entire life, without sacrificing safety. Three-in-1 seats can’t do this because of harness heights and weights, but also because of one other factor not everyone knows, and some don’t believe: Car seats expire.

Now, I know there are some conspiracy theories out there about how seats “don’t actually expire” and that’s it all just a ploy to get you to buy a new seat. I’m all about questioning the motives of companies, but in this situation, it’s true. Your seat really DOES expire.”

via Why Car Seats Expire: Details to Keep Your Child Safe | The Stir.

Children’s car seats are made to provide a safe ride for your child…please understand that children’s car seats do expire. You should be aware of the expiration date and realize that the materials that the car seats are made out of have a life span and that the seats should not be used beyond that life span. Hand-me down car seats should be used with caution and not beyond the expiration date.

Please read the above link on child car seat safety…it may save the life of your child!

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