Oh those days off…

Monday’s are always difficult especially when it is a holiday don’t you agree? It seems that by Tuesday I am already three days behind rather than just one.

I love that school ism out but when the weather is so cold going outside is painful it makes me somewhat at a loss when it comes to toddler friendly activities that don’t wreak havoc with the entire house or at least with the kitchen.

Yesterday papa and nana went sledding with our little granddaughter…so much fun on even the tiniest “bunny ” hill. I tried to be the designated photographer with my i-Phone but freezing fingertips made it next to impossible to catch “the moment” in a frame. I gave it my best and captured some significant video and called it a day.

A few runs and we were all tired and ready for some hot chocolate at a nearby Starbucks….then a well deserved nap for all or at least a kick back to catch a football game.

What do you do when school is out?

I would love some serious solutions to those days that are unstructured so that I can plan ahead for the next school holiday.

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