Listening to your kids…

Your kids are talking…are you listening?

Listening …we all need to do more of this…so stop forming your answer when you should be listening…stop texting when you should be listening…stop talking on your cellphone when you should be listening.

You will be very surprised about what you will learn if you become a listener rather than a rapid responder…or a texting wizard.

Car rides are great places for conversations with kids or for eaves dropping on their discussions…try listening when you are in the kitchen and your kids are playing or goofing around in the adjoining room.

Walking with your little one in a stroller can stimulate some interesting verbal exchanges…make a recording if you dare.

Challenge yourself to become a listener…see what you learn…let me know what you learn. I would love to hear from you.

This post was inspired by Jessica Gottlieb‘s recent post linked below…Jessica’s blog is a must read…she has a way with words and is amazingly honest with her thoughts.

Listening | Jessica Gottlieb A Los Angeles Mom.

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