Attention…Volleyball Moms and other Moms!

I just read this and cannot wait until tomorrow to include this post in my “Week in Review” from ParentingitheLoop. Jessica has made a very worthwhile observation concerning the uniforms in Girl’s Volleyball . I am not a prude but when I looked at pictures of “Boy’s Volleyball” and the shorts that they wear it is clear that we have sexualized our girls.

What do you think?

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What Every Volleyball Mom Should Know03.28.12Jane is playing volleyball these days and it’s just terrific. It’s a sport that kids come to a little later so there’s less parental involvement on the court than there is with other sports. I may have just lucked out with Jane’s particular group but the volleyball parents are absolutely wonderful. The coaches are also amazing.As amazing as volleyball is I need every parent to know why there should be no cameras at your daughter’s volleyball matches.

via What Every Volleyball Mom Should Know | Jessica Gottlieb A Los Angeles Mom.

4 thoughts on “Attention…Volleyball Moms and other Moms!

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