Sleep “training” or “teaching”…is it good for baby or you?

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For most families, sleep training will result in a baby that has a new and important skill: the ability to sleep on his own. The whole family will get more sleep, and that comes with numerous benefits. In fact, recognizing that the current sleep situation is not working and making changes to improve it could reduce a child’s long-term exposure to stress and cortisol.

  • I am very interested in sleep both for baby and parents. Good sleep is healthy for both. In my opinion, it makes for a happy baby and happier parents.
  • There is some scientific evidence about sleep training and stress available but if you are like me I rarely read scientific studies…I usually skip to the discussion.
  • “Science of Mom” explains scientific studies in her posts in a language that I understand. I like that, it is right up my alley.
  • Below is a link to her post on stress, learning to sleep and helping baby to cope.
  • My recommended reading for today.

Helping Babies Cope With Stress and Learn to Sleep | Science of Mom.

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