Parenting…’Hunger Games’ style…

Although ‘Hunger Games‘ is a movie…in my opinion, it is much more than a big box office hit.

It is a commentary on the fierceness with which we approach certain parts of our lives.

It is very popular with our teenagers…why?

Why is it that they love the type of competition that ‘Hunger Games’ portrays?

At dinner with friends the other night, I tried to initiate a discussion about ‘Hunger Games’…I asked what they thought of the violence in the movie?

Now, I have to admit that none of us have even seen the movie. So I probably had no business even starting a discussion in the the first place.

But my friend popped up and said …”it really isn’t that violent”…which is what she had heard somewhere in a review…she did not get a chance to go on, because the men at the table changed the subject.

So I am turning to you …to see what you think about this Op-ed piece in the New York Times?

What is this movie saying to kids and parents?…

Are some kids being raised with a ‘Hunger Games’ mentality?

To answer all my questions, I may even have to go see ‘Hunger Games’ in the theatre instead of waiting for the DVD  …but then haven’t I just fallen into the media hype pit?

Please click the link and read the cartoon segments that precede this quote in the ‘OP-ED’ New York Times. 

‘Hunger Games’ Parenting –

Amy Chua’s best-seller, “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” trumpeted the benefits of raising children with draconian strictness in the Chinese fashion (or allegedly so). Pamela Druckerman’s “Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting” made the case for a more casual, laissez-faire approach. But each mode has something to offer! Thus, cruelty and indifference combine to perfect effect in the philosophies of the “Hunger Games” Mother. Who better to help parents navigate the brutal, futuristic dystopia that is contemporary childhood? A primer, above.

6 thoughts on “Parenting…’Hunger Games’ style…

    • In a way we all are desensitized …in therapist language it is known as ‘Compassion Fatigue’… our own defense mechanism for all the horrible news that we hear every day.

  1. I am currently reading Bringing up Bebe and have read all 3 Hunger Games books. I did see the movie and LOVED IT! I felt it was a great representation of the first book, minus a couple of things that really didn’t matter to the story.

    I haven’t read Battle Hymn yet, I’ll put that on my reading list.

    To answer your question, what is the movie saying to kids/parents? First, I think it’s important to say that this story isn’t about kids killing kids (as I’ve heard so many people say). This story is about revolution. These “kids”, although fighting to the death, are really compassionate individuals trying to live an impoverished life and follow the rules of the government. It’s this ONE FEMALE TEEN that becomes the hope for all of the citizens. I don’t want to ruin any story for you, but I just want to say that there hasn’t really been a strong young heroine before. I think that’s what makes this such a strong story for teens.

    I think it’s a great book to introduce your kid to society and governmental issues. Talking about compassion, empathy, and survival. I think parents should see it as a positive and read the books so they understand the story behind all of the hype.

    It’s a fast read and so engaging. I borrowed them from my library during winter break and read all three by February (I even had to wait a long time for them too).

  2. Maybe I was missing the message between parents and kids. As I was watching the movie I found it quite ironic that I was watching a killing-for-competition movie that was about people watching a television show about killing for competition. Challenges what we have accepted as the norm.

    The cartoons were quite comical and I supposed that some parents are doing these things already. I am a very strict parent but not that intense.

    • Movies can really take me in while I watch them especially on the ‘big screen’… with all the ‘hype’ about ‘Hunger Games’ I think I will be watching for all the cultural messages that it is supposedly commenting on. Usually, I just go to the movies to be entertained and I much prefer comedy because of the serious nature of my work life. Thanks for your perspective and reading my blog.

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