“Tangled”…no not the movie!

A Girl with a Watering Can


Tangled” maybe a great Disney Movie about Rapunzel, but at home with a preschooler “tangled hair” is a nightmare. On vacation it can even be worse.

My goals managing “tangled” hair go way back to my own person problems with coiffed curls that would never quite cooperate.

  • No pain
  • Brush or comb every day
  • No “bed head” outside of the house except in emergencies
  • Be satisfied with less than perfection when a pre-schooler is involved

Recently…like last night, I came across this… “a tangled hair post”.

Personally, I intend to try out some of the suggested products to make my life as a doting grandmother and my granddaughter’s life more pleasant went it comes to hair creations!

I am wondering what other suggestions you might have…when it comes to “Tangled” in your home?

Keeping it Clean

Circle of Moms member Jyothi J. has a good answer to this dilemma. Her secret is keeping her child’s hair very clean; dirty hair seems to be more resistant to tangling in the first place. Many moms recommend looking for shampoos and other hair care products that are chemical-free or formulated to be gentle for kids, who might get them in their eyes.

How to Deal with Your Preschoolers Tangled Hair – Circle of Moms.

2 thoughts on ““Tangled”…no not the movie!

    • I know…that works really well…I used to leave a little conditioner in my hair but now the products are so fantastic my tangles are under control but little ones have such fine hair which make the tangles more of a struggle at times…summer also does not help with the chlorine in the swimming pools. I love “Mommas Gone City” she is wonderful! I do follow her.

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