“Food for Thought”….Kids Food in a Pouch!

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I have been wondering about these “pouches”of organic pureed foods for kids and how parents are using them. When I go to our village grocer or Whole Foods, I am always looking for healthy snacks for my grandchild and have seen these options near the jarred baby food. I even purchased a couple of varieties, but they were not a hit with my little one.

Now, after just reading this NYTimes article, I definitely have “more food for thought” about an organic version of convenience “foods”, that are essentially healthy but allow us to feed our kids on the run. Will these pouches actually help to do away with learning how to sit down and enjoy a meal the way it was meant to be enjoyed?

Sometimes, I feel that sitting down in a McDonalds now and then with a Kids Meal and a salad for myself is far better than pulling out something from my purse that might be healthier but does not permit any “down time”…to just sit, talk and connect.

Seriously…do any of you use these “pouches” to feed your children nourishment on the run?

Have you ever tasted any of them?

What do you think of this whole idea???

Excerpted from the NYTimes:

Watching her jump and eat, I was struck by several thoughts simultaneously. One, kids aren’t supposed to move and eat, are they? Two, if my children don’t sit at the table, how will they ever learn manners? Will they be cast out of polite society, like pirates or hoofed animals? And three, aren’t meals part of the glue that’s supposed to hold a family together? Are we in such a hurry to do things efficiently that we’re expediting the transition to the can-I-have-the-car-keys diaspora?…….

At last, I realized the source of my nagging discomfort. The pouch may help us negotiate the age-old battle of wills at the table, not to mention relieving me of my vaudeville act. But it also creates children in our own frenetic image: energetic, vitamin-fueled, moving frantically from one thing to the next.

I wonder if that’s a good thing.

via Food Pouches Let Little Ones Serve Themselves – NYTimes.com.

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