Beach Break….

For me, there is nothing that can quite beat a relaxing day at the beach… gentle breezes,  the voices of children at the shoreline, and the sounds of seagulls over head.


….and toys abandoned for a quick snack


…and “love letters in the sand”


…and carefully created sand formations…


and views of beautiful spinnakers…beckoning me to come aboard and sail…off into my imagination…

Where do you find renewal?

Where does your imagination take you when you are relaxing and daydreaming?

As a mom and now a grandmother who writes, I find these moments of renewal so important to maintain balance.

So this week, my blog will take a short break from its regular scheduled program

while “grandma” unwinds.



2 thoughts on “Beach Break….

  1. Loved today’s blog! you are the best, and your pictures are right on! Enjoy your break, Nina!!!! Nancy aka Nina

  2. Password argh! best pirate voice……

    I love the pics…if my get away was by my beloved coast I’d be there, love that view, but my get away is in the mountains on a lake, so the boat or forest and mountain views…..that is my quiet place…..
    It’s only about 90 minutes, no freeways…so I’m very lucky!

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