“I Hate YOU” How to Manage Anger…How To Get Your Child to Eat! – Weekend Reading


Do you have difficulty getting your child or children to eat a healthy variety of good food?

At some point, in my opinion I think that every parent experiences food challenges with their children.

With the approach of warmer weather comes the opportunity to eat more garden fresh vegetables…perhaps growing a few easy ones with your children will help develop their tastes for new veggies and fruits.

If growing is not your thing then maybe a trip to the local Farmer’s Market will spark their interest in new seasonal varieties of foods. At the very least, hopefully they will enjoy the excitement of seeing all the flowers and veggies on a morning excursion

But really, it’s all about approach and finesse and what not to do.

With that in mind, here are ten things that you need to give up before your child will come around to the foodie way of doing things.

Gardening with your children creates wonderful memories


It truly cuts right through me whenever I hear a child say the word “hate”, but it really causes me sadness when it is directed personally at a parent, grandparent, or anyone else.

There are many ways to react when a child says “I Hate You”!…some of them are definitely knee jerk reactions but the thoughtful reactions of a parent will generate some thinking on the part of the child.

The manner in which a parent responds to a child’s angry outbursts will either help or hinder the child’s ability to understand the feelings he is trying to express.  Here are some ways to help him find other words to express his anger and encourage him to do so without punishment.

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