Christmas Spirit … Forever Young

I love this commercial from Kohl’s

which just speaks to me about Christmas Spirit.

I am all about Christmas right now…

my feelings go from utter frustration

to smiling, with thoughts of how a perfect Christmas would look at my house

if I had my wish!

My perfect Christmas would be to walk to midnight Mass where there would be seats together…

Christmas music would be sung by the choir reminiscent of the one I sang

with years ago in Riverdale, New York…

It would end with the Hallelujah Chorus sung with the help of a few professional  New York Metropolitan Opera singers.

Following Mass…a small snack of cookies and egg nog…

then playing Santa…gathering the presents under the tree…

Christmas Eve

then off to bed in order to capture

the early rising of our 5 year old granddaughter!

Christmas morning around the tree with fresh brewed coffee and camera in hand

enjoying the squeals of delight…and the smells of breakfast strata baking in the oven

A quiet early supper of beef tenderloin and roasted potatoes…with nostalgic holiday music

and conversation.

and that would be a wrap!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

 Christmas after glow!


Breakfast Strata Recipe from Yummy Mummy Club


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