Pregnancy at 35 Weeks

Pregnancy at 35 Weeks

Pregnancy at 35 weeks

Baby is the size of a honey dew melon.

Baby is now more than 18 inches long and it is getting crowded in utero. He probably is weighing it at over 5 pounds as well.

Now his kicks will be still the same but he will not be able to move around so much. For the next few weeks he be gaining weight before his eviction notice.

Your changing life at 35 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Your uterus is now above your rib cage and crowding your internal organs.
  • You may have gastrointestinal distress, heartburn and you may have to urinate more often.
  • Your practitioner appointments will be every week now

Sometime between now and 37 weeks, she’ll do a vaginal and rectal culture to check for bacteria called Group B streptococci (GBS). (Don’t worry — the swab is the size of a regular cotton swab, and it won’t hurt at all.) GBS is usually harmless in adults, but if you have it and pass it on to your baby during birth, it can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia, meningitis, or a blood infection. Because 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women have the bacteria and don’t know it, it’s vital to be screened. (The bacteria come and go on their own — that’s why you weren’t screened earlier .) If you’re a GBS carrier, you’ll get IV antibiotics during labor, which will greatly reduce your baby’s risk of infection.

Source: Your pregnancy: 35 weeks | BabyCenter

  • It is a great time to create your birth plan.
  • Who will be present?
  • What pain management would you like?
  • * Remember that a birth plan should be written in pencil so it is flexible as every childbirth really is different but it is very important that your caregiver knows what you prefer.

“To streamline a chore like filling out birth announcements, address and stamp your envelopes now while you’re still in control of your time.”

What you should do this week.

  • If you want a special experience check out these hospital gowns made by my friends at Annie & Isabel. They are perfect for after delivery and for future doctor’s appointments.


  • If you have not preregistered at the hospital you should consider doing this so you won’t have to do it when you arrive and you are in labor.
  • Get meals ready to eat after you come home with your baby. Make double recipes and freeze them or make a list of carry-outs and their menus. Keep them handy…you will be glad that you did this.
  • Be prepared in any way you can!

I will remind you again.

Do not forget your pedicure…you will be so happy to be able to finally see and reach your toes.

Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy.

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