Baby’s Immunization Schedule

Baby’s Immunization Schedule…What You Should Know

Baby Monster Bottom!


I am reminded by my daughter that today is my grandson’s first vaccinations at his well baby 2 month pediatrician visit.

My daughter is nervous for him and wants to make sure that he and she are well prepared for this experience. She has read information about the vaccines and has made an informed decision to go ahead with the recommended immunization schedule.

We are a family of medical professionals so based on our best understanding of scientific evidence we embrace vaccinations for our family. There are many diseases out there that are scary and deadly and it is up to parents to decide whether to protect their child or not.

​The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discusses everything you need to know about your baby’s first immunizations.

Source: Your Babys First Vaccines: What You Need to Know (VIS) –

At his 2-month appointment, you can expect your infant to receive anywhere from three to five needle sticks (depending on whether combination vaccines are used) and a liquid vaccine that together will guard against seven separate diseases. (If he was given a dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine during his 1-month visit, however, he’ll have one less injection.) “It’s important to get vaccines on schedule to give your baby the best protection,” says Rebecca Pellett Madan, M.D., a pediatric-infectious-disease specialist at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, in New York City.

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Providing Baby Comfort during immunization shots

  • Hold him in your lap
  • Let him suck on a pacifier or drink a bottle
  • A toy for distraction sometimes helps also
  • Once the shots are done give him lots of TLC
  • Your pediatrician may recommend a dose of acetaminophen for pain relief

Immunization Schedule a walk thru

Two months is a milestone for baby in many ways. With his immunization schedule in progress he will be protected from some of the most deadliest of diseases that we have not witnessed in a very long time like pertussis and polio to mention just two.

I know for some of you vaccinations are a controversial topic. I am not going to argue with your decisions even though I may disagree with those who choose to forgo immunizations.

I will be sending my daughter and grandson hugs across the miles today as my grandson begins his immunization schedule.



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