Pregnancy: 15 weeks

Pregnancy at 15 Weeks:

I am excited this week because my daughter is expecting our second grandchild. As a maternal child nurse, I was always in awe of the miracle of life.

Thirty plus years ago, we did not have all the ultrasound pictures that new parents-to-be have today but the miraculous changes and the sound of the fetal heartbeat thrilled me just the same as it does now. I particularly love the “fruit” comparison when it comes to the size of the fetus…it makes it all so real in terms of how small and tiny a being is developing right from the beginning of conception. It also amazes me how such a tiny being can physically affect a mom-to-be so soon after conception.

Journey with me and my daughter through the 15th week of gestation.

So much is now going on with your baby. He is around 4 inches from his head to his rump and he weighs all of 2 1/2 ounces. He is the size of an apple!

Pregnancy at 15 Weeks

Here is what is happening with your baby:

  • amniotic fluid is moving through his nose and respiratory track
  • legs are growing longer than his arms
  • there is movement in all of his joints and limbs
  • his eyelids are still fused but baby can sense light
  • taste buds are forming
  • you might be able to see if your baby is a girl or boy if you have an ultrasound this week, although he will have to cooperate and not be curled up hiding his identifying parts from you

Pregnancy and fetal-development-week-15

What is happening in your life:

  • you have probably gained about 5 pounds
  • you may be experiencing a stuffed up nose, “rhinitis of pregnancy”…and yes, this could be from hormonal changes and increased blood flow to you mucous membranes
  • if you are having an amnio then it might be done between now and 18 weeks
  • the first trimester is over and you may be feeling overall better, that is a good thing, so enjoy yourself with your significant other

Things for you to do:

Bonding with your baby can begin very early in your pregnancy because of ultrasounds so now, believe it or not you can you can begin to “talk” to your baby. Read a book to your baby and share some of your secrets with him. You might even want to start a blog to keep your family members up on your progress. When your baby is born he will know you better if you play music and talk to him while he is in utero.


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