Pregnancy Fashion…Past and Present

Pregnancy and the word fashion stir up many feelings…right?

For anyone who was pregnant in the ’80’s these two words never appeared near each other in the same sentence.

At that time maternity clothes resembled tents made out of denim and literally every pregnant woman looked like she was expecting multiples!

Thanks to I am not sure what….fashion has finally addressed the needs of the pregnant woman and styles now emphasize her ‘baby bump’ rather than try to hide it. The fashions can actually be called ‘cute’.

One of my favorite fashionistas when it comes to pregnancy styles is Amy Tara Koch ,who has written a book, Bump It Upwhile you check out her book also have a look at her “Bump It UP Style Solutions” tour on her blog.

If you are pregnant or know someone that is…this book is a must for looking good and feeling good while pregnant. All the tricks of dressing well during each pregnancy trimester including the fourth trimester are included here.

This year has been a year to focus on celeb pregnancies as well…just look at young and beautiful Natalie Portman and the more mature celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe. They along with others have taken their pregnancy bumps and fashion to a new level.

Many times feeling good is akin with looking good …

In today’s world so many pregnant women continue work in and outside the home. Each and every one of them deserves to look and feel good.

Sometimes it is as easy as finding a scarf already in her closet and the purchase of a new luscious lip gloss to go with it,  for a pregnant woman to accomplish just that.

And if you want to LOL ( and who doesn’t need a laugh) catch a glimpse of the video above and have a few chuckles on those of us who were pregnant in the ’80s.

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