Are we the new “Donkey”?


Bugaboo: Why the New Donkey Makes an Ass Out of You and Me – StumbleUpon.

When it comes to decadence and rampant commercialism, I’ll be the first to admit there are a lot of things I don’t get.

I’m not a ‘bling’ sort of person.  Naturally clumsy, I’ve never been one for heels. So the whole Sex in the City shoe fetish was lost on me.

I would sooner spend what little disposable income I have on a family trip or a spa treatment.  When it comes to pampering, that’s something I not only understand but wholeheartedly endorse.  A timely massage or pedi can do wonders for a mother’s ravaged body and soul.

Needless to say, I’m mystified and more than a little ‘bugged’ by the latest Bugaboo craze.  There are cars that go for cheaper than the new stroller, which is the ultimate status symbol of the urban mama and papa. “

I have to say that I partially agree with this mom’s assessment of the new “Donkey” bugaboo. I also have to say that we own two bugaboo vehicles. They are well made and meant to take a beating and keep on going.

The other baby vehicle that we own is a McLaren stroller which is more convenient as it folds easier than the bugaboo and I don’t have a heart attack when I have to leave it in the front of a restaurant or put it in the belly of an airplane.

So if you are in the market for strolling…check into the strollers that will provide the comfort and peace of mind for you and your baby and your check-book!

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