Family Summer Safety

Summer Safety

Safety is a concern for your family during these months when you are having picnics and may be around water. Children pose specific safety concerns at this time of year.

Here are some suggestions:


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Summer Food Safety:

  • Cleanliness: Handwashing is most important and then keeping surfaces clean when you are preparing food so you do not cross contaminate any of the foods. Always  thoroughly wash fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Cooking: Make sure foods are cooked thoroughly and to the proper temperature so that bacteria and germs are destroyed. Allow food to rest for the recommended time so that the internal temperature of the food continues to destroy germs.
  • Chilling: Did you know that a room temperature bacteria can double in your food every 20 minutes? Refrigeration kills bacteria so keep foods at cold temperatures so that you do not get sick.


Sunscreen is something everyone should use especially women who are pregnant as their skin is more sensitive to the sun. Sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancer and will age your skin prematurely.

A baby burns more easily than older children because their skin is thin. Sun safety is so important especially for babies younger than 6 months.

Sun Safety:

  • Stay out of the sun between 10a.m. and 4p.m. when the sunlight is strongest. Babies that are younger than 6 months should avoid the sun altogether.
  • Wear your hat with a brim along with your UV protection sunglasses.
  • Wear lightweight clothes that cover arms and legs.

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Summer Water Safety:

Never leave your children alone around water. Babies can drown in as little as one inch of water.
• Don’t be distracted when watching your children at the pool or beach. Make sure someone is always watching them and do not rely on family members unless they are specifically designated to watch your children at a given time.
• Use a proper fitting Coast Guard approved life vest for children under 5 years old
• Learn CPR.

Here’s to a safe summer!

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CPR Could Save A Child’s Life ….


CPR is probably the single most important skill you can learn when it comes to saving a life and it could be the life of someone very close to you like you child…

Please…follow the link to familiarize yourself with CPR and sign up for a class or download an “APP” to your phone.

I sincerely hope you never have to use it but if you do…you will be very glad you made this effort.

“Knowing CPR Could Save A Child’s Life

by The Kid’s Doctor Staff

With pool season around the corner, and summer break about a month away, there’s one thing every parent or caregiver should know: How to perform CPR.

No one likes to think that an emergency could take the life of his or her child, and hopefully you’ll never be faced with that kind of frightening situation, but if you were – do you know how to perform CPR on your child?

Nothing takes the place of proper CPR training, and there are many places that offer classes. Signing up for one of these life-saving instruction classes will be time well spent. But, emergencies do happen and you could actually happen onto a situation where your child isn’t hurt- but someone else’s is. Here are some basic CPR rules that everyone should know.

If the child is unconscious – try to wake them up. Rub gently on the child’s shoulder and call out to them in a loud voice. Don’t be too aggressive in the shaking or touching – they could be suffering internal injuries. Be aggressive with your voice and attempt to get a response.

If the child does not wake up, have someone call 911 immediately. If no one is available to call for help, and the child does not appear to be breathing  – begin CPR for at least 2 minutes before calling 911.

via Knowing CPR Could Save A Child’s Life | The Kid’s Doctor: Your Partner in Parenting.