Paula Deen is overweight and now diabetic…so what is new?

I don’t watch Paula Deen but I am aware of the food that she promotes on her show and magazine. I have too much respect for my own health to consider her a chef that I would want to emulate.

She can do what she wants with her own health…but I have a problem when a public persona, who profits off of others, promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and tries to justify this by saying that it is a personal preference and choice.

Where is her sense of responsibility to her fans?…

It seems it is tucked away in her pocketbook.

Here is a comment from Dr. Yoni Freedhoff:

Could Paula have taken this opportunity to become a healthy role model for America? Yes. Did she? Clearly not, and while I would have hoped that as a human being she would have seen value in that, her obvious refusal to step up to that plate leaves her playing the same role she always has – a B list celebrity chef whose claim to fame is cooking nutritionally repugnant food.Too bad she didnt trade up and become someone laudable.

via Weighty Matters: Paula Deen has Diabetes and takes Victoza. So What?.