Study O.K.’s Light Drinking During Pregnancy. Too Good to Be True?

This is interesting information from a study published not too long ago…

The emphasis is on the definition of “light” drinking.

I do not necessarily agree with drinking while pregnant but I do like to present current information and the sources.

It is kind of appropriate information for St. Patrick’s Day….right?

“A glass of wine or two a week — and not more than one large glass on any occasion — may be safe during pregnancy, according to a large study just published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The British research found no negative effects of such light drinking on 5-year-olds whose mothers had imbibed while pregnant with them. Indeed, these kindergartners were slightly less likely to have behavioral problems and performed somewhat better on cognitive tests than children whose mothers had abstained. (More on 5 Pregnancy Taboos Explained (or Debunked))

But this does *not* mean that light drinking in pregnancy is good for your baby. When researchers controlled for factors like maternal education and income, which tend to be higher in light drinkers, it significantly reduced the positive effects associated with alcohol. For example, before adjusting for these kinds of differences between the groups, the researchers found that light drinking was connected with 33% lower rates of overall behavior problems in boys — after the adjustment, that effect fell to 23%.

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