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Did you ever wish for a special dress for a special little one in your life….but you just did not want to make an extravagant purchase that might only be worn once or twice?

Well, now there is Borrow Baby Couture, where you can choose exactly what you want for that occasion where a beautiful dress is just the thing.

There are many designers from which to choose and Borrow Baby Couture has just added more to their inventory.

With the holiday season coming up, this could be just what you might consider rather than purchasing a dress that gets worn only once.

You can shop at home, and your dress will be delivered in a beautiful box like the one pictured below. You can even choose from new or slightly worn to save some money. Either way, I think you will be very happy when your couture dress arrives…ready to wear.

Borrow Baby Couture


Fendi Little Girl Couture

Here is the turquoise Fendi dress that I picked out for an occasion with our little one. She felt special and I was kvelling.

Fendi Turquoise Blue Dress

It was perfect in size and color. For a warm summer day, I could not have asked for a finer lightweight cotton…it actually reminded me of imported fabrics that I used to buy many years ago in New York when I enjoyed sewing.

It looked simple and elegant for a day in the city.

I would encourage moms to check out Borrow Baby Couture for that occasion that you need a beautiful dress to make your little girl feel special.

Grandparents do something different … gift this to your grandchild … it is unique…

Borrow Baby Couture.

I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. I freely experienced the Borrow Baby Couture service for my review.