What to Say to a Five Year-Old When a Grandparent Dies

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I love Sleepy Planet and their work with parents regarding healthy sleep habits for children.

Jill and Jen offer advice about many other parenting issues as well.

I only wish I lived in Los Angeles so I could meet them in person.

Here is a post from their Facebook page which deals with the sensitive time when a young child loses a grandparent.

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via Sleepy Planet’s Facebook page:

Talked today with a dad whose mom just passed after a long illness, and he shared the conversation he had with his son, age 5, to tell him the news.


Dad: Hey Sam, I have something to tell you. Grandma went to heaven last night.


Sam: Oh! I wasn’t expecting you to say THAT.


Dad: Yeah. Remember we talked about how her body was slowing down, and that pretty soon it would stop working?


Sam: Yup.


Dad: And that even when her body stopped working, her body would die but her spirit would go to heaven?


Sam: Yeah, I can see her in heaven.


Dad: You can?


Sam: Yeah, cause whenever I want to talk to her, I can just think of her in my heart.


Dad: That’s so true. That’s really nice.


Sam doesn’t seem upset so far, though mom and dad know that his feelings may change, and they’ll offer whatever support he needs.