Holiday Safety…


Keeping your family safe…

The holidays are here and it takes only a little time and thought to make it safe for your young child who is so curious and is exploring everything that you have around the house this time of year.

All those twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments…how inviting.

  • Christmas Trees…make sure they are secure and cannot tip over. Keep the live ones watered and do not block doorways with a tree.
  • Lights…use indoor lights only indoors and make sure your outdoor lights specify that they can be used outdoors.Check the wires for any breaks. Never use lights on a metallic tree…this is an electrical hazard. It can actually cause a tree to be electrically charged and cause electrocution. Bubbling lights can break and they are filled with a chemical that is potentially harmful and hazardous. Use with caution.
  • Decorations… use only flame-resistant materials. Be especially careful of ornaments that can break and create sharp pieces that can harm your little ones. Also be aware of decorations that have small little parts that could create a choking hazard.
  • Fireplaces…keep trees and decorations away from the fireplace and have a screen or closed door around your fireplace while it is burning. Even when the fire is out keep it closed so that your little one is not tempted to play around it and get burned. Do not burn papers in your fireplace.
  • Plants...certain house plants are poisonous to humans and pets…check to make sure which ones these are. When in doubt throw it out or give it to someone who does not have pets or children.
  • POISON CONTROL– 1-800-222-1222 Keep this website and phone number handy.

Holiday Safety...

  • Keep things such as matches, candles and lighters out of the reach of children
  • Establish an emergency exit plan if the unthinkable happens and a fire breaks out. Practice this plan and make sure your children know the plan and where to meet when you all get out of the house.
  • A little precaution goes a long way and makes for Happy Holidays!

Advent Calendar….

Unique Advent Calendar

Via: and a Tumblr blogger.

If you want a unique Advent Calendar to enjoy with your children this is the one.

You will need  24 Holiday Books! YIKES!

For suggestions and to begin the collection look at babyccinokids. They have a bookshop on the site that will give you some ideas to start you off.

I can think of a few books but not 24. But I am sure that Amazon could also help as well as Barnes and Noble .

At Amazon you can even purchase some books inexpensively if they are used and perhaps you have some from your own childhood collection.

Each day you unwrap a different book from the “Advent Calendar” and that is the book that you read to your child  or children that evening.

It is simple and sweet.

The wrapping is what I think is the most work in this project.  Inexpensive tissue paper would be all that is necessary. I personally dislike wrapping but the rewards of wrapping are worth it here.

I loved the Advent Calendars that we used to have but this one seems like one of the all time best ideas yet.

If you have more than one child it is perfect as there are no candies or little toys that need to be shared.

Happy Holidays.