Should your nanny homeschool your kids?

10 Reasons to Consider Having Your Nanny Homeschool Your Children | Nanny Jobs.

Did you ever consider “homeschooling ” your children?

I never did but my girls are older now and well out of high school and college.

Back in the day…homeschooling in our little town was mostly done by moms that were a little “weird” when it came to their kids. I cannot even explain what a “little weird” means since I admit, I never got to really know any of these moms or their ideas about education.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have…but, I never was that patient to even consider “homeschooling”.

However as a grandmother, I am realizing that there are definitely some reasons and benefits to homeschooling your kids.

Today while reading, I came across this article which touts some reasons to actually consider having your “nanny” homeschool your kids. Now, that is a concept that I could have grasped when my kids were school age, since it would not have been me doing all the work 24/7 with my girls.

What about you?

Would you consider hiring a nanny who could also homeschool your children if you could afford the costs?

There are some good reasons why homeschooling might be appropriate for your child…do you have a child that fits into one of these categories where homeschooling would be beneficial?

  • victim of bullying
  • special needs
  • behavior problems

I would love to hear your opinions even if you don’t have kids…what do you think about this concept?