Best Children’s Boutiques


This weekend may be somewhat sunny in Chicago.

So it will be a perfect time for some strolling and shopping with your kids. Here is a list of children’s boutiques where you can find some ‘hot’ items for summer.

So take a stroll and take a peek at the latest fashions for your children.

“The only time we’re not worried about clothes getting spilled on, torn, outgrown, or just plain ruined is the one time we actually should be concerned. The overwhelming cuteness and general adorable squishiness of clothing for babies and children can make us forget all practical sense. Kick your shopping cravings into high gear and behave like a kid in a couture store. We picked our favorite Chicago children’s boutiques, and we’re letting you know what to score once you’re there. From organic onesies to toddler-friendly Fendi, these shops carry our teeny-tiny, style-savvy favorites.

via Chicago’s Best Children’s Boutiques.