Is it smart or safe to post pictures of your kids online?

Kids online…do you post your kids photos online?

Kids online

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Your kids’ online history and its meaningfulness, think about it before you publish pictures of them and stories about them online.

I think very carefully before I publish anything online but especially if it is personal, because it will be out there in cyberspace FOREVER!

Some parents and grandparents are afraid of abductions, pedophiles and stalking…all  things considered these concerns can be minimizes if you follow certain guidelines.

Think before you click on PUBLISH !

  • Privacy rules even for kids online
  • If I would not want to see similar pictures or stories about myself published then I should not publish such stories about my family online be it on social media or a blog.

Here is my comment on a post about safety and pictures of kids online.

Good info…always keep in mind that your children are people too and they will grow up….ask yourself if you would want this photo posted if it were you when you were a child. Ultimately, if we have respect for our children we will be guided as to what we should post or not post. The online history of our children will follow them around for a very long time to come and its meaningfulness is still in question.

Is it safe to post pictures of your child online? – Chicago.


What do you think about your kids online presence?