Giuliana Rancic battles breast cancer…

Giuliana Rancic has chronicled her attempts to get pregnant on her reality show, Giuliana & Bill, with husband Bill Rancic. Two in vitro fertilization treatments failed. On the season finale, they decided to try again.

via Giuliana Rancic reveals she’s battling breast cancer.

Since I am a women’s advocate and nurse specialist I wanted to include this news about Giuliana Rancic.

She has been attempting to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization which requires a woman to receive hormones to mature her eggs in order for them to be harvested during the first process of in-vitro fertilization procedure.

These hormones can encourage the development of breast cancer…they do not necessarily cause breast cancer but if a cancer is lurking around, hormones may give it the necessary hormonal support that it needs to surface.

It is very lucky for Giuliana that her doctor insisted that she have a mammogram prior to further in-vitro procedures.

I wish her well in her battle with breast cancer…she caught it early and seems to have good support and a hopeful attitude towards her complete recovery.

Women seeking to become pregnant should always make sure that they are taking care of themselves by having routine mammograms, continuing to perform breast self exams and preparing themselves physically for becoming pregnant…this is even more important if a woman is receiving hormone treatment to encourage pregnancy.