Toast Tuesday….a day late!

I love the blog Weighty Matters written by Yoni Freedhoff…a physician…

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That’s exactly what I did when I opened the email that contained the photo up above (I think I may have swore too).

It was snapped just a few weeks ago in the London Children’s Museum where for reasons I can’t fathom they have a miniature McDonald’s set up for kids to play in. Here’s another shot that I found online:

via Weighty Matters: WTF? An Insane Parental “No” File from London’s Children’s Museum.


What do you think about having a miniature of McDonald’s for kids in your home or at a Children’s Museum?

Disclosure: We have an old miniature Mc Donald’s stand in our playroom…bought at a garage sale, complete with sounds of milkshake mixer and french fry maker. It is a favorite play toy in our house. Does that tell you anything about us as grandparents?