Girl Fakes Getting Her Period

Faking a period111, what an idea!

One of the funniest videos that I have watched and it is from “Hello Flo”.

This grandmother would have never imagined that there would be a time when personal milestones such as getting your period222 would be posted on social media in a  humorous way.

When I was growing up in the fifties, there was “Now You Are Ten”, a booklet available under a brown paper wrapper from the makers of Kotex. Such conversations with your mom were extremely uncomfortable. Health education, as we know it today, was non-existent in our schools.

I think our frank discussions with the younger generation are healthy ones and “Hello Flo” helps to put a perspective on a personal matter, period333.

Thank you…Flo for opening up a conversation with humor.

Speaking of humor, check out a popular vintage photo which was a common ad for personal products. Wearing white was always a concern during “that time of the month”.period




Girl Fakes Getting Her Period444, and Pays the Price, in Hilarious New Ad From Hello Flo | Adweek.