Moms…Find Out How You Can Have More!


Have I ever told you how much I wish I had the internet when I was raising my own family!

I was living in Florida when my kids were infants and I can’t say how much I missed NYC where I had lived in and near for most of my life.

Florida was like being in exile for this native New Yorker and there was nothing like “More Than Milk” available in 1980.

So I am inspired by moms like the ones, who are inspiring and helping other moms by giving them an “avenue for personal growth”.

More than Milk helps moms to get involved with organizations and other moms while bringing along their babies and kids…what an opportunity! I

f you are a mom and are looking for a unique opportunity to interact with other moms head on over to More Than Milk!

  Welcome to More Than Milk.


To provide Moms with an avenue for personal growth, inspiration, and social giving as Moms generate “more than milk” to talk about with friends and family through kid-friendly volunteer experiences. By connecting Moms with deserving charities, we provide organizations with heightened awareness in the community, financial support, and energetic and talented volunteers.

Our Goals

  • To build a connection between Moms and inspirational organizations
  • To make charitable giving and philanthropy a way of life for Moms and their families
  • To create “Mom-friendly” (bring your babies & kids) volunteer activities
  • To spread the missions of charitable organizations to Moms, friends and the next generation

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