Study Slams Kids Medicine Dosing Instructions –


Kids Medications….

Study Slams Kids Medicine Dosing Instructions –

Okay…listen up parents and grandparents.

This is the flu and cold season and OTC medications are very popular. PLEASE use extreme CAUTION when you decide to give these medications to any of your children.

Follow the package recommendations and do not use any of these medications for children who are too young

Dosing seems to be very problematic….apparently the medications do not come with droppers or anything to properly measure the recommended dosage.

Please consult with your child’s doctor and the pharmacist so that you are indeed giving the proper dosage.

Proper dosing is key to medication use not only with children but also with adults.

Medications are not to be treated casually…they are DRUGS.

You need to model good behavior for your children so that they will respect “medications” and use them properly when they indeed get older.