News Moms Need: Dental health during pregnancy

Dental Health is very important  to our general good health. There are many bacteria in our mouths and if we do not have good dental health there is the chance of  that bacteria affecting our systemic health.

So here is a link to dental health when you are pregnant…but also talk to your parents and children about maintaining good oral health.

“Dental health during pregnancy

It’s best to have your teeth cleaned and checked for any trouble spots before pregnancy, but being pregnant is no reason to avoid your dentist.

During pregnancy, your gums are more likely to become inflamed or infected. Most pregnant women have some bleeding of their gums, especially while brushing or flossing their teeth. Inflamed gums are called “gingivitis.” Infected gums are called “periodontal disease.” You may also notice that your mouth produces more saliva during pregnancy. Your gums and teeth may change during pregnancy because of hormonal changes. Increased blood flow throughout your body can cause swelling, sensitivity and tenderness in your gums.

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