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Wash your fruits and veggies

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t seem to get enough eggplant. Whether it was sautéed, grilled, roasted or breaded, I had to have it! And since eggplant falls into the veggies section of the food pyramid, I often indulged my craving. When preparing veggies or fruits, be sure to wash them thoroughly.

Recent studies in Environmental Health Perspectives found that for some pregnant women, being in contact with pesticides during pregnancy may affect their baby’s brain development in childhood. Pesticides are sometimes used on crops to protect them from insects and other organisms. Pesticides can be found in soil or on certain foods like fresh fruits and veggies.

However, don’t shy away from fruits and veggies!  It’s important to get plenty of veggies and a fruits in your meals, especially if you’re pregnant. If you’re concerned about the pesticides on your fruits and veggies, just be sure to clean them well before eating or cooking, even if you plan on peeling the food. If you prefer to buy organic, that’s fine, too.

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