Seeing my way through Pregnancy

Vision Changes during pregnancy…



Although I have a mild astigmatism for which I wear glasses when I feel the need to I’ve never suffered from major vision problems or had bad eyesight. I wear my glasses when at my computer, reading, watching TV or driving at night all when my eyes are tired from focusing all day.

I believe that my vision changed early on in my pregnancy probably late during the first trimester. What I didn’t realize was that I needed to go see my eye doctor because I was also dealing with changing up some medication that could have affected my blood pressure and, in turn, affected my vision.

To say the least, I waited too long and ended up anxiety ridden and in tears because I was so uncomfortable.

  • I couldn’t drive.
  • I couldn’t watch TV.
  • I couldn’t use my computer.
  • I couldn’t read a book.
  • I couldn’t even focus straight ahead.
  • I had to look down.

I made an appointment and saw my eye doctor. Sure enough, my prescription had changed. I decided to order glasses so that I can wear them when I feel like I really need to. Hopefully, my eyes will change back after the baby is born.

I never expected nor had I ever heard of some of the strange things about pregnancy. Everyone’s experience is so different.

Live and learn.