Pregnancy at 9 weeks

Pregnancy at Nine Weeks

Pregnancy at 9 Weeks

How your baby’s growing:

  • Baby is almost an inch long.
  • Weight is less than a ounce.
  • Heart is fine tuning its beat with four chambers and valves forming.
  • Tiny teeth are present.
  • Tail of the embryo has disappeared.
  • Sex organs are present but cannot be distinguished.
  • Eyes are full formed with fused eyelids.
  • Earlobes, mouth and nose are present and accounted for.
  • Baby basic physiology is present and the placenta is developed to take over its critical  work.
  • Next, there will be rapid weight gain.


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Your life is changing:

  • Your waist may be thickening slightly at this point
  • Morning sickness and other physical symptoms may be present
  • Emotions may be all over the place
  • Moods are full swing…good to know that the second trimester these quiet down somewhat.

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