Prenatal testing….

Pregnancy can be wonderful and exciting but then you start reading on the web and up come more questions than you can handle.

Here is a great review of all the tests that you could consider as an expectant parent. I would recommend reading it a little at a time. Try not to stress out and use this as a jumping off point for a discussion with your doctor.

Most of all enjoy all the excitement about being pregnant.

Prenatal testing can be a multi-edged sword. Usually, test results are reassuring, which puts expectant parents’ minds at ease. But some people argue that because birth defects are rare, these tests in most cases cause undue stress; others argue that they allow people to create “designer” children. Then there are the parents who discover very real, sometimes dire, problems with their babies and face the decision of whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy. Testing is a difficult and confusing issue, and what’s right for one family may be entirely wrong for another.