Ignorance is NOT Bliss When it comes to Your Health…

It has been years  decades actually since I became a mom.

As a nurse, it seems that I was overwhelmingly  aware of various symptoms for which I should contact my doctor during pregnancy and in general.

Admittedly, it is nice having a medical background but it has some disadvantages, like  knowing just a little too much and thinking the worst when a symptom appears…so it is ALWAYS better to check with your medical professional.

If you develop any one of the symptoms like the ones in the list below, a visit to the doctor would be advised.

But do your homework before you arrive for your doctor’s appointment so that you can get the most out of it and come away with an understanding of your symptoms and a plan to diagnose and relieve them.

A doctor’s visit is an anxious event and for me it is no different.

I have had my share of medical issues for which the ultimate diagnosis and plan resulted in open-heart surgery and a Mitral Valve repair.

When it comes to medical appointments I go prepared with questions and I come away with answers and a written plan with the help of a pad and pencil.

Here is a list of health symptoms that no one should ignore especially moms, (we tend to care for everyone but ourselves).

These are a few symptoms that could be easy to correct or they could actually indicate that you might need some serious interventions.

In general, a young, healthy mom will probably need more sleep, some vitamins, diet adjustments and exercise. But in some cases if you have diabetes or thyroid problems, more treatment will be indicated.

Have a look at this link and don’t have a panic attack if you have any of the symptoms…don’t look up all info on Google…just make an appointment with your physician.

If you don’t have a doctor…now is the time to get one.

9 Health Symptoms Moms Shouldnt Ignore – Parenting.com.