Sick Days and Preschoolers

School days bring sick days…children somehow pass around the nastiest of germs. Fevers  from unknown viruses seem to be the most common and the most perplexing. None of us like to see our little one suffering from a fever.

Coughs and colds come winter are common and mostly annoying with endless sniffles and runny noses. Medications to treat cough and colds are not recommended for preschoolers

A child who is puking is really a challenge….many times I have run out of towels and linens before the vomiting ends…but in all cases do not give anti-nausea meds. Consult with your pediatrician to avoid dehydration.

Baby Center has a short list of medications not to give to preschoolers.

Check it out or better yet print it out and keep handy as the “out sick season” starts with the beginning of school.


Eight medicines you shouldn’t give your preschooler | BabyCenter.