Cold is getting to me…


Bitter temperatures

Ice and snow covered everything.

Florida is looking good.

The lord and I know

I hate Florida.

Once, I moved

To the Sunshine State

From New York City.

I should have listened to my mother.

When she told me, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Pure culture shock

Oh, now I love vicarious Florida living.

Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and Florida friends,

Keep posting your pictures


I can bask in the sun of your photos.


Please Pass the Hot Chocolate!

Hot chocolate

Sand and Sun in the Caribbean


sand and sun


Sometimes sand and sun is all I need to rejuvenate me…what about you?

For the past few days, I have been relaxing and taking in the beautiful hospitality of Grand Cayman.

It is a wonderful island …the beaches are pristine and the water is welcoming, especially after leaving sub-freezing temperatures in Chicago.

Tomorrow reality will return as we travel back to the cold…but in the meantime even though it is cloudy today, there is still a little sun and sand alongside the beautiful Caribbean.

See you all stateside…Happy Thursday!