” The F-Bomb “

  • Modern Family created an internet stir last week when Lily said the F-Word…

How many of us have had an embarrassing word come out of our own child at an inappropriate moment???

Amazingly, these words are used so appropriately by our kids…they are echoing us…no surprise.

My own child used to pronounce the word ‘truck” as the “f-word”. She would loudly announce  that a “truck” was going by when we would be sitting in a restaurant. At the time we were living in south Florida … many retirees looked in absolute horror at us! With encouragement this “mispronunciation” eventually disappeared, although not soon enough!

I have to admit the “F” word was not one that I used much at that time in my life …but times have changed.  This summer after a serious complication during a heart procedure…I saw my doctor, (a good friend), smiling at me as I left the operating room …I remember telling him to “go “F” yourself” loud and clear…anesthesia does funny things to your mouth!

So…the fact is that none of us can control what comes out of the “mouths of babes” or out of our own mouths at certain times…

  • be aware that our kids are ALWAYS listening
  • they will repeat what we say
  • this will happen when we least expect it
  • it will be difficult not to laugh
  • try not to laugh
  • try to control your angry words if you don’t want your kids to repeat them
  • most of all “chill out”

Cursing has been around since the beginning of language and there is no reason to believe that it will disappear on its own. What early childhood professionals can do is to understand the nature of cursing and how the total language environment influences childrens cursing and our reactions to it.

Modern Family: Lily Drops The F-Bomb VIDEO.