Kids’ Teeth

There is nothing like the smile of a child.

A child’s smile just makes me melt…

Personally, I cannot resist a smiling baby…

Lets face it a child’s smile is precious… to keep it that way dental health is a must.

Trips to the dentist are not a favorite of mine… I can still remember the trauma of my first filling so many years ago.

Because my dentist wore glasses I could watch everything he was doing…it was so frightening.

Dental health has significance for personal overall health and it begins early in childhood.

Here are some simple recommendations to keep in mind as you enjoy those first toothless smiles from your baby…

  • Middle of the night feedings can affect baby teeth…formula and breast milk is naturally sugary…so if possible wipe out any lingering milk from babies mouth after feedings.
  • Baby bottles at night as baby goes to sleep are not recommended for the same reasons as middle of the night feedings.
  • Sippy cups can be problematic if they are used all day…you know the kids who like to keep one around just for a sip here and there.
  • Thumbsucking with permanent teeth
  • Pacifiers after the age of 1 year are not recommended…this can be difficult but well worth the effort to discontinue this habit early
  • Swallowing regular toothpaste that contains fluoride is not healthy for a child…so use children’s toothpaste until they are able to rinse and not swallow adult tooth paste.
Bring your little one to the dentist with you when you get your teeth cleaned…of course check with your dentist first…this could be a good intro to their dental health.

11 Bad Habits for Kids Teeth – Dental Health Center – Everyday Health.

Thumb sucking…

Thumb sucking!


Thumb sucking

Lots of babies suck their thumb or fingers. It is part of the normal reflex infants have to root for food. As a survival technique, the sucking urge is strongest in the first three months of life. After the age of six months or so, it has more of a calming influence and helps relieve stress. If your little one sucks his thumb or fingers, especially when he’s tired, don’t get upset – it’s normal.

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