Cranberries anyone?

How many of you have experienced the pain of a UTI (urinary tract infection)?

If you have then you know that it is extremely uncomfortable and when it strikes you cannot get a remedy fast enough.

I have always heard that cranberry juice helps but there is no absolute proof as to why.

Yet, it does seem to relieve the pain quicker along with over-the-counter pills from your drugstore.

There are many reasons for UTIs. A medical consult is always recommended in order to find the underlying cause and then establish a treatment with antibiotics.

An untreated infection can lead to a kidney infection, which is even a more serious problem, altogether.

This morning…I came across this little “blurp” about UTIs and thought I would share it.

Even if you have never experienced a UTI, I am sure you know someone who has.

Action PointsCranberry-containing products have long been used as a remedy to prevent UTIs possibly by inhibiting adherence of uropathogens to uroepithelial cells.Point out that this study found evidence that cranberry containing products are associated with protective effects against UTIs.

via Medical News: Cranberry for UTI More Than Folk Remedy? – in Urology, General Urology from MedPage Today.