A Very Happy Valentines Day 2014!

Happy Valentines Day!

valentines dayA Valentine mosaic is so appropriate today…

I am remembering all the Valentines in my life…those who are far and those who are near…those who who are no longer here.

We are all tied by an Invisible String of Love that “Loops” us together forever.

Valentine’s Day 2014 is dedicated to my beloved sister-in-law who died recently.

She helped loop our family together with


Valentine’s Day 2013

Valentine’s Day via Instagram

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days…a nice meal with my husband and some flowers.

Over the years of course, there have been gifts that I have treasured but none more than my husband’s and I sharing a meal together…talking, reminiscing, and looking forward.

This year, we actually went out to dinner a few days before Valentine’s Day…Monday night…a quiet table and some conversation.

He is my best friend and my Valentine.

Hope you all had a nice day and shared some love with those in your life.


Weekend Reading…


A month later, the Food and Drug Administration issued a caution that SimplyThick should not be fed to premature infants because it may cause necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC, a life-threatening condition that damages intestinal tissue.

At the breastfeeding group that I volunteer at, the most common non-breastfeeding-related concern (or rather, the most common indirectly breastfeeding-related concern) the new mums have is that they are holding their babies too much. This is an open letter to them, and to all mothers who worry that their babies are spending too much time in their arms.

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Have a good weekend and I hope everyone is safe and warm during the blizzard on the East Coast.