50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime!


By now if  you read this blog at all you know that I am a fan of  “Phd in Parenting” and her blog. She is an ardent supporter of breastfeeding as am I.

To be truthful…I did not breastfeed due to medications that I was taking which were excreted in my breast milk. This was a few years back since I am now a grandmother. I missed the opportunity to breast feed way back then. But I did not miss being discriminated against.

Once when I asked to be seated in a restaurant in a large West Palm Beach department store, the hostess asked me if I intended to breast feed as it was not allowed in the dining room because it was offensive to the other patrons, who were mostly elderly. She then suggested I use the ladies room for privacy. What a relief came over her when I told her I was not intending to breast feed.

I never forgot this incident and it seems that not much has changed over the last  25 + years. How sad is that?

I share this post below “50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime”…I could not say it better.

Once again, there has been an incident where someone went up to a breastfeeding mother and told her she had to cover up or leave. Once again, the media feels to need to create a breeding ground for ignorance by asking questions like “should there be any restrictions on breastfeeding in public?” The answer to that stupid question and yes…there are stupid questions, is simply NO. There should not be any restrictions. There is a myriad of reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.Human Rights1. It is illegal to discriminate against or harass a woman because of her sex, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. or if it isn’t where you live, it should be!

via 50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere | PhD in Parenting.

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