Working Moms…What do you think of Marissa’s Policy Change at Yahoo?

IMG_2122Working moms of all stripes were excited last summer when Yahoo! named Marissa Mayer CEO, even as her maternity leave loomed just a few months away. Yes, she soon concerned us fellow working parents when she immediately committed publically to a two-week maternity leave. But I still had hope. We all knew she had a troubled company to turn around — maybe her plan was to lead by example with a flexible work schedule?

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As a registered nurse, I was never part of a workforce that could work remotely or from home. We did have “flex-time”, which was another type of scheduling option that allowed us some amount of work time flexibility.

I have to admit, that I am not that surprised by Marissa Mayer’s policy change at Yahoo, since she opted for only a 2 week maternity leave.  Most moms and even dads realize that 2 weeks is hardly enough time to get to know a newborn much less appreciate the entire lifestyle change brought on by the birth of a child especially when it is your firstborn. But when you are a CEO of a large tech company, it seems, perhaps motherhood has to take a backseat to your corporate responsibility.

Working from home is not new…it would seem that Yahoo because of its’ technology focus would embrace this flexible work from home concept and welcome today’s generation into this ever changing tech environment. It would also seem not unreasonable that Yahoo would look to other companies like Google, that offer so many worker friendly amenities in their fiercely competitive corporation.

To me, making the workplace friendly to moms and dads with family friendly perks makes so much sense. A happy worker is usually a productive worker.

Marissa, I would say, you have really missed a few rungs along the way up the corporate ladder and I think you may find out that it is very lonely at the top, sooner than you ever imagined.

Moms and dads what do you think about this policy change at Yahoo?

Do you think other companies will do the same?

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Are You a Crazed Christmas Consumer?

It’s Christmas Time Again!


But then the Christmas commercials started. Not in December, not in late November, but back in October or maybe even September. And that is when the chorus began. It didn’t matter what type of plastic crap was being advertised, they wanted it, they needed it, it was the best thing ever.

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In keeping with my consumerism theme this week, I am posting a link to one of my favorite bloggers and writers, Annie Urban.

She makes an excellent effort to “quell” consumerism in her home with her own children. This, mind you, is no easy task and it is certainly made easier if you have all the family together in support…especially the grandparents, aunts and uncles and all who dote on your kids.

Since the birth of my granddaughter 4 years ago, I have been exposed to many children’s products. At first, they all seemed wonderful especially since many of them did not exist when my own girls were little.

So, it was easy for me to become a somewhat “crazy” consumer of baby, toddler and preschool stuff. Thank goodness for my daughter, the mother of my granddaughter because she knew exactly what was a worthwhile purchase and what was merely an accessory that would be used once if that and then find its way to our basement…never to be seen again.

The holidays are no different…there are so many toys and items that are advertised as necessities not just to children but to their parents and grandparents as well. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a child say, “but I really have to have this, that is what it says on television”.

I find shopping for toys and other children’s stuff fun, especially at holiday time but I will try and defer to my daughter’s gift list and check with her before I go overboard on any “unnecessary” purchases.

This will not only help me stay away from the holiday frenzy but it will also keep the gifts more meaningful and useful. Sometimes, we opt for items that are not available at the Mall…like lessons…these are usually the best kind of gifts especially for now.

What do you do as parents and grandparents when it comes to holiday gift giving to your kids and grandkids?

How do you choose what is a good and useful gift without becoming a crazy consumer at this time of year?

I would be interested to hear different ways to deal with the holidays and gift giving when it comes to the children in your lives. Some of it could even be useful when it comes to birthdays and other gift giving occasions.

Happy Shopping!

“Toast Tuesday”




I’m not expecting people to never be offended by anything I say. But I am asking people to respect my right to have an opinion on a topic and not equate it to judging people who have different opinions on that topic. I may think they made bad choices, I may think they could have done things differently, I may think I made a better choice. But it doesn’t mean I think they are bad parents or bad human beings.

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PhD in Parenting is by far my favorite blog for so many different reasons and it is not because I agree with everything that Annie posts.

Annie has integrity and intelligence. She writes about many issues some controversial and some not so much. Annie is a journalist who inspires me.

After reading her articles, I always have something to think about as a parent, grandparent and as a fellow human being in this complex universe.

Above is one of my favorite posts from PhD in Parenting. I hope you enjoy it.


Reasons to Breastfeed Anywhere!

Good Monday morning…

Once again, there has been an incident where someone went up to a breastfeeding mother and told her she had to cover up or leave. Once again, the media feels to need to create a breeding ground for ignorance by asking questions like “should there be any restrictions on breastfeeding in public?” The answer to that stupid question and yes…there are stupid questions, is simply NO. There should not be any restrictions. There is a myriad of reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.

via 50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere | PhD in Parenting.

Whenever, I read posts like this one I wonder just how far we have come in our thinking. Why, oh why, are people still offended by breastfeeding in public? Why does a mother have to go to a Ladies’ Room to feed her child or cover their infant’s face with a blanket? In my opinion this is ridiculous!

Where and when to breastfeed a baby should not be an issue, yet it is …personally if I were breastfeeding I would enjoy a nice quiet space where I could relax with my baby…I would enjoy a quiet place if I were bottle feeding as well.

Who does not like a quiet relaxing meal?

If a soft chair or quiet private space was not available I think I would try to make do and find a comfortable alternative. It would not be on a floor of a store or an airport unless I was desperate. I am not that relaxed a person to chill out in public on a floor but there are those moms, who are…more power to them.

Here are my reasons for breastfeeding anytime, anywhere…

  1. Your baby is hungry.
  2. Your baby is hungry.
  3. Your baby is hungry.
  4. Your baby is hungry.

Toast Tuesdays!

phd in parenting is one of my favorite blogs.  If only I could blog and write like Annie!

She is very concerned about many parenting issues and when she talks about one these issues she is well informed and not afraid to share her opinion.

She is a champion for the environment, healthy children and moms, breast feeding and being ethical in business.

It is my hope that you will visit her blog …it is more than a worthwhile read.

She also has a sense of humor and on Mother’s Day her post is quite funny as she shares some precious moments with one of her children.

Enjoy…let men know if you love her as much as I do.



From: FB page of Phd in Parenting:

Do you find the articles posted here and the discussions on the page valuable? Consider suggesting the page to some of your friends who might like it too. The more the merrier!

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From my FB page...Parenting in the Loop

This is a great blog and valuable discussions for anyone who is concerned about making the world a better place now and for the next generation…two thumbs up here!

Breast Milk Sharing….

Breast Milk Sharing

I am all about passing on good solid information.

So, I would urge any one interested in breast milk sharing to link to this post at

World Milksharing Week

Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB) is a global milksharing network, a virtual village, comprising thousands of people from over fifty countries. Its mission is to promote the nourishment of babies and children around the world with human milk. It is dedicated to fostering community between local families who have chosen to share breastmilk.

via Breast Milk: Not a Scarce Commodity — PhD in Parenting.

50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime!


By now if  you read this blog at all you know that I am a fan of  “Phd in Parenting” and her blog. She is an ardent supporter of breastfeeding as am I.

To be truthful…I did not breastfeed due to medications that I was taking which were excreted in my breast milk. This was a few years back since I am now a grandmother. I missed the opportunity to breast feed way back then. But I did not miss being discriminated against.

Once when I asked to be seated in a restaurant in a large West Palm Beach department store, the hostess asked me if I intended to breast feed as it was not allowed in the dining room because it was offensive to the other patrons, who were mostly elderly. She then suggested I use the ladies room for privacy. What a relief came over her when I told her I was not intending to breast feed.

I never forgot this incident and it seems that not much has changed over the last  25 + years. How sad is that?

I share this post below “50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime”…I could not say it better.

Once again, there has been an incident where someone went up to a breastfeeding mother and told her she had to cover up or leave. Once again, the media feels to need to create a breeding ground for ignorance by asking questions like “should there be any restrictions on breastfeeding in public?” The answer to that stupid question and yes…there are stupid questions, is simply NO. There should not be any restrictions. There is a myriad of reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.Human Rights1. It is illegal to discriminate against or harass a woman because of her sex, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. or if it isn’t where you live, it should be!

via 50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere | PhD in Parenting.