Premature birth gene…

MARCH OF DIMES…noteworthy news!

There is evidence of a gene that is related to the incidence of premature birth and it may be part of the evolutionary process of mankind (womankind).

“Premature birth gene

Scientists in the US and Finland say they have discovered a gene linked to premature birth. Investigators from Vanderbilt University (including a March of Dimes grantee), Washington University and the University of Helsinki report that variations in the gene for the follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) may increase a woman’s risk for delivering her baby prematurely.

The researchers believe there must have been evolutionary pressure to “adapt and shift the time of birth” to produce a smaller baby to ease delivery. A large head and a narrow pelvis are uniquely human traits. The report, published in PLoS Genetics, discusses evidence that gestation length has decreased throughout the evolution that leads to modern humans, and that human gestation is shorter than predicted compared to other primates.

To find genes that have changed to regulate birth timing, the researchers used comparative genomics to identify a set of “human accelerated genes” – genes that were most altered in humans compared to six other animals. They screened 150 of these accelerated genes in Finnish mothers and found that certain variations in the FSHR gene were more frequent in mothers who had experienced preterm birth. The same variations may also be associated with preterm births in African Americans.

Professor Louis Muglia, from the department of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, is a co-author of this research and a March of Dimes grantee. Dr. Muglia said, “Ideally we’d like to predict which women are at greatest risk for having pre-term birth and be able to prevent it. That would really have an impact on infant mortality and the long-term complications of being born prematurely.” Here’s hoping future research reveals more soon.

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Happy Mother’s Day….take care of yourselves!


I  can think of no better way to say this than by sharing this message with all women…mothers or not…we all have mothers so if you are not one share it with one as your gift to her!

National Women’s Health Week

generationsNational Women’s Health Week kicks off on Mother’s Day, May 8th, a day when we are already focusing on the important women in our lives. Help celebrate your mom, your step-mom, your daughters and friends by helping them stay healthy.

The theme for 2011 is “It’s Your Time.” National Women’s Health Week empowers women to make their health a top priority. It also encourages them to take steps to improve their physical and mental health and lower their risks of certain diseases. Those steps include: getting regular physical exercise; eating a balanced nutritious diet; getting regular checkups with your health care provider; stopping smoking; wearing your seatbelt; getting enough sleep and managing stress.

This year, help empower women nationwide to make their health a priority by celebrating National Women’s Health Week and holding events in your local community. You can even register your activities on the National Women’s Health Week website and order free educational materials to distribute — including posters, bookmarks, prevention guides, brochures, and more! It’s easy — just go to and follow the steps.

Help the women you love stay healthy. And have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Why Car Seats Expire: Keep your child safe…

“With the right combo, you can realistically only buy two to three seats, for your child’s entire life, without sacrificing safety. Three-in-1 seats can’t do this because of harness heights and weights, but also because of one other factor not everyone knows, and some don’t believe: Car seats expire.

Now, I know there are some conspiracy theories out there about how seats “don’t actually expire” and that’s it all just a ploy to get you to buy a new seat. I’m all about questioning the motives of companies, but in this situation, it’s true. Your seat really DOES expire.”

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Children’s car seats are made to provide a safe ride for your child…please understand that children’s car seats do expire. You should be aware of the expiration date and realize that the materials that the car seats are made out of have a life span and that the seats should not be used beyond that life span. Hand-me down car seats should be used with caution and not beyond the expiration date.

Please read the above link on child car seat safety…it may save the life of your child!

CPR Could Save A Child’s Life ….


CPR is probably the single most important skill you can learn when it comes to saving a life and it could be the life of someone very close to you like you child…

Please…follow the link to familiarize yourself with CPR and sign up for a class or download an “APP” to your phone.

I sincerely hope you never have to use it but if you do…you will be very glad you made this effort.

“Knowing CPR Could Save A Child’s Life

by The Kid’s Doctor Staff

With pool season around the corner, and summer break about a month away, there’s one thing every parent or caregiver should know: How to perform CPR.

No one likes to think that an emergency could take the life of his or her child, and hopefully you’ll never be faced with that kind of frightening situation, but if you were – do you know how to perform CPR on your child?

Nothing takes the place of proper CPR training, and there are many places that offer classes. Signing up for one of these life-saving instruction classes will be time well spent. But, emergencies do happen and you could actually happen onto a situation where your child isn’t hurt- but someone else’s is. Here are some basic CPR rules that everyone should know.

If the child is unconscious – try to wake them up. Rub gently on the child’s shoulder and call out to them in a loud voice. Don’t be too aggressive in the shaking or touching – they could be suffering internal injuries. Be aggressive with your voice and attempt to get a response.

If the child does not wake up, have someone call 911 immediately. If no one is available to call for help, and the child does not appear to be breathing  – begin CPR for at least 2 minutes before calling 911.

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Missoni in a Bugaboo!!!

I have written about strollers and I have posted about style but in this post the two are combined into a stroller fashion statement.

It is one beautiful stroller but the price tag is not for the faint of heart.

But if you enjoy Missoni this is something special from Bugaboo and Missoni.

They have outdone themselves both in style and price!

Enjoy this commentary:

“Both will be available exclusively through Neiman Marcus. All a tad too precious, if you ask us, but hey, that’s fashion. Here’s where things get annoying: Bugaboo is trying vaguely to bill this partnership as something that could nurture children’s development. The press release quotes Missoni co-owner Angela Missoni as saying, “Children are so sensitive to colors and patterns. Working with Bugaboo has given me a unique opportunity to create a dream stroller that I hope will be enjoyed by children and will stimulate their senses.”
Almost Genius: Bugaboo Teams Up With Missoni, In High-Fashion Stroller | Co.Design.

MOD says “Thank you!”

There were many events across the United States this past weekend…here is the THANK YOU NOTE from the March of Dimes for those who walked with them.

“Thank you for walking with us!

This past weekend there were hundreds of March for Babies events across the United States. We are incredibly grateful to all of the thousands of individuals and family teams who laced up their sneakers and walked, strolled, ran or danced down the road to help raise funds so that one day, every baby will be born healthy.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!”

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