Pregnancy and Cravings…Choices…

I am a big fan of “Eat This, Not That” as well. This is a wonderful post my Amy Tara Koch even though I don’t think that some of these cravings will be satisfied by the alternatives.

Eating healthy during pregnancy and just in general is so important to mom’s overall health. We should all make an effort to ‘eat this, not that’ every day. We might not be as successful as we want to be but at least it is a place to start.

Good luck and don’t laugh at some of the alternatives to what you really crave. I like the saying…” a minute on the lips…a long time on the hips” when it comes to cravings…

I have become a huge fan of David Zincenko. His EAT THIS, NOT THAT books and appearances on TODAY SHOW brilliantly showcases how to make nutritionally superior food choices and avoid excessive caloric intake without sacrificing flavor. I especially love how he unearths saturated fat and sodium content and compares say, a Bacon Deluxe Double from Wendy’s to 42 deep fried jumbo onion rings with a Crisco chive dipping sauce. Genius. Master Z inspired me to craft a little post on how to rein in pregnancy cravings and choose healthier foods inspired by the flavor that you crave. The biggest issue? Sugar intake. Agave nectar and Stevia are stellar replacements for refined white sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, baked goods and oatmeal

via Amy Tara Koch Blog » Tame Your Cravings! Bump It Up Approved Cravings Replacement List.

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